Friday, February 24, 2012

Project #1: Making Homemade Liquid Hand Soap

Project #1:  Making Homemade Liquid Hand Soap
I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to try my own hand at it.  Here's the link to the recipe I found.  I changed it slightly as I had a 4.5 oz bar of soap instead of the 8, so I changed the rest of the recipe to reflect that.  Also, being a big fan of the Melaleuca products, I used a Melaleuca bar of soap.  

Ingredients needed:
1 bar of soap (I used Melaleuca 4.5 oz pink grapefruit soap)
72 oz water (I used Filtered)
1 1/4 TBSP Liquid Glycerin

First Step:  Grate the bar of soap into a clean container. I used a cheese grater to do this.

Second Step:  Combine the water, soap and glycerin into a pot and warm (not boil) it on Medium heat until the soap dissolves.

I stirred it occasionally and let it sit until the soap dissolved.  

Third Step:  Let it sit until cooled.  It was suggested to wait 10-12 hours.  Mine looked done after about 8.  

To think it was made with only 3 ingredients!

Greetings!  And Welcome to my blog!  As with many, I have been inspired by projects I have seen on Pinterest, and I wanted to create a blog of my own with the projects that I do.  Being an avid photographer and a writer, I felt a blog is an appropriate place to journal my projects.  Enjoy!